djkolos live from holland every friday nights at 9pm european time :

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You are welcome to come check out the music. We have LIVE DJs nightly & play automated music the rest of the time. Our DJs play a electronic music genres & there is always something for everyone!

1 This is an Adult site. Please no children under
the age of 18 allowed on broadcasts, in chat, used as a profile pic…no exceptions!

2 No sexually explicit content or constant vulgarity.

3 RESPECT EVERYONE! NO racism, NO Violent threats, NO Bullying, NO Illegal activities

4 NO DRAMA! This is a radio station not a soap opera.

5 NO Disrespect to Staff, Crew, Broadcaster, DJs or Moderators

6 Please ask permission BEFORE posting links. NO posting random links unless it is to help another listener with an issue or question.

7 If you find what we are playing is not for you, please keep it to yourself, mute the volume or simply check out another station without bashing the music on your way out.

8 This is a radio station, we talk music here and have fun with our listeners…don t bother trying to hook up with another listener, They are not interested!

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