They say that a city's entertainment and recreational options speak volumes about that city's prospects as a desirable and rewarding place to live. If such were the case, then Manchester's vibrant entertainment options certainly speak volumes about the joy of living in this fine, fun-filled city. Manchester is an absolute standout when one considers the Read more..

Muscle memory is the skill singing is based on. Singing is an extension of speech and in order to become a good singer one must be able to breathe properly, sing on pitch and sing with resonance or power. To become a great singer one must add musicality that comes with intensive practice. If you Read more..

There are many different kinds of comedy. Sometimes it’s just plain silly. At other times it’s surreal and absurd. Occasionally comedy is satirical and makes a serious point by ridiculing an idea, belief, institution or even a public figure. That’s the kind of comedy I like most of all. It has a bit of edge. Read more..

The art of magic begins for many at an early age whether it is at his or her birthday party or school play. It is a craft that has to be practiced constantly. In your mind it is a wonder that anything can be accomplished all because there is so much to learn and the Read more..

If you want to get your child involved in an activity, you should consider putting him or her in the theater. The performing arts can be beneficial in many ways for young kids. Find out why you are advised to give this extracurricular activity a chance, no matter how old or young your child is. Read more..