I am going to give you an incite on what a beat maker does and how beneficial it is. A beat maker makes beats for Rappers or singers or maybe even upcoming talents. Beat makers or as i am going to address them now as producers make a lot of money in the process. Also they are very important to the music industry. Celebrities are always on the look for worthy and talented beat makers to hook them up with a hot beat. Believe it or not, Beat makers make quite a lot of money as there skills are always in demand. The one thing that will never stop is music. Beat Makers can make at least $4000 a month and much more.

The one thing a beat maker will need is proper equipment or a really good software to start on your beat making journey. There are many software’s out there but only few can do the job right. You don’t need a simple mp3 software, what you need is a powerful software that will turn your PC into a Studio booth. I promise you that if you don’t find the proper software then you wont be taken seriously as a producer. There is a software i use personally for production but i will contain further information below. Reading through give you enough time to see if this is a career you want to dabble into if you haven’t already.

Step #1: Initializing and Creating Hot Beats Worth Looking At!

The one thing that should matter most is that you like the beat you created. If you don’t then likely you haven’t placed enough passion and energy into it. If you want a potential customer to even take a look at your beat then you have to bring something that no one else can. Something that makes your beat original and unique. If your beat sounds like anyone elses or or even replicated you wont make much sales from them. Creativity is the key, Meditate if you have to. Don’t just jump into it until you feel like wanting to inspire a new creations.

Step #2: Multiply On Your Products, Quality And Quantity Will Bring Your Success To A New Level.

Its nice that you have a great beat but now you need to make as much as possible. The best producers have at least 500 to 1000 beats out for sale. You want to make as much as possible and in the long run you will make some real cash for your bucks. Quantity is another importance when it comes to playing those dope beats. The more you have up for grabs is the more you’ll make and also the more recognition you will bring on yourself. That’s where the celebrities start hearing your name and some just might want to find out what your worth.

Step #3: How And Where Do I Sell Them?

OK this is the the next process you will need to do to start making some money. After you have a collection of beats ready you are then ready to put them up for sale. You have choices when it comes to selling your beats. You can either Lease them which means more then one person can use it and you charge a monthly fee. Or you can Sell it for exclusive rights to one lucky person and make a good profit lets say for $500 or $1000 maybe even more. So you see the wealth you can aspire? There are many websites you can sell the on most will allow you to list for free. Simply go to Google and type in “Sell my beats online”. You will find a variety of websites you are allowed to sell your beats on.

Source by Morry Young

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