Beaded hip scarves are a sensual part of a belly dancing outfit. They fit low on the hip bones, are typically made from silk or velvet and are tied at the side or front of the body. Beautiful crystals or other jeweled beads are sewn on the fabric and add movement and color to the outfit. A fringe of the beads or crystals and even coins can also drape from the scarf and as the hips moves back and forth these seem to dance too.

Your beaded hip scarf can come in rectangular or triangle shape and depending on your taste and the type of dance you are performing can help you decide which shape is for you. The beads, jewels and coins will make a rhythmic sound as you perform and that makes you more enthralling to your audience as they become mesmerized with your dance.

Generous beads can embellish your scarf or you can choose to have just to enough to suit your taste. You can have lots of beads and coins if you really want to make noise while your dance. You can really draw your audience into your dance with the type of beaded hip scarf you ware.

If you look at ancient Egyptians dancers they are wearing a hip scarf or coin belt around their waist. This accentuates the movement of their hips. This tradition has continued throughout the centuries. The belt can match the coin bra cover, the hairpiece or even the choker and each one definitely compliments the other as well.

You will find you want a different belly dance coin belt or beaded hip scarf for each dance. You can switch them out and get a more elaborate one with many, many beads or crystals sewn on and even more draping off the hips to a more simplistic one with more of the scarf showing and a row or two of beads showing off their sparkling brilliance .

Source by Sarah Freeland

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