Thomas Kinkade is America's most celebrated artist, a painter whose paintings bring inspiration and joy to millions. Each painting he creates reflects light that reaches the soul. Each painting expresses faith, hope, love, peace, and the tranquility of nature. You feel as though each painting is something you could pull back the curtain and see out your window.
Thomas Kinkade reflects this brilliance in other things such as music boxes.

If you love figurines, and calendars, book covers, bookmarks, with the Painter of Light's signature, then you are sure to love the Thomas Kinkade music boxes series. These music boxes feature the artists passion for bringing to life light in everything light will touch. Such exquisite examples of these music boxes:

1. Blessings Inspirational Music Box Collection
2. Garden of Prayer Faith Music Box
3. Light Of Peace Collectible Lighthouse Music Box
4. Peaceful Moment Music Box Collection
5. Pools Of Serenity Music Box
6. Blessing Of Hope Collectible Christian Music Box

Thomas Kinkade Pools Of Serenity Music Box
Enjoy the peaceful beauty of his art and the beloved "Serenity Prayer," together for the first time in this Heirloom Porcelain music box! The hand-painted sculptural lid recreates Mr. Kinkade's "Garden of Prayer" art, which is then reproducible in a glorious, 22K gold-accented panorama around the base. This is a limited edition. This collectible music box is presented by Ardleigh Elliott and plays the wonderful melody "You'll Never Walk Alone."

These are just a few of Thomas Kinkades music boxes. I think when you marry the two together you obtain a collectible, memorable, item for generations to enjoy. Many have already enjoyed his paintings down through the years, and will enjoy these too. The melodies are perfect and compliment the artwork.

Source by Joseph Young

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