Music is a form of art which plays an important part of our everyday life. Throughout human history, even in the old ages, people used some forms of instrument to create music, as a means of entertainment. Though, is entertainment the only purpose for music in our lives? Maybe most of us never noticed, but Read more..

Simulating transformation Pieter Fourie’s “laboratory” is located in the western part of Singapore. He works in a sunlit office on the sixth floor of the CREATE Tower, a building encased in vertical foliage at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Here, he conducts research into the cities of the future on behalf of ETH Zurich’s Read more..

When you look at portrait photography, you will see that it is different from other branch of digital photography. You can see that your subjects are human beings who speak their own words, have personal feelings and want to look good in the pictures. Surely you will not hear the mountain complain when you did Read more..

It is definitely not very hard to start out and become great at digital photography. Yet it is an undertaking which you can not allow yourself to stop learning in. There is always something more to understand. Photography is not just something we have been doing for the past century, it relates back to compositing Read more..

Well, some might say that by asking me, you may be asking the wrong person. As a professional music publicist and music marketing consultant myself for hundreds of successful independent music artists, I can only tell you what I have experienced over the last 27 years plus of doing this for independent musicians. A good Read more..

For a hotel with online or traditional media presence, visuals are an important tool to leave a first impression, form perception and maintain reputation. Still photographs are either disseminated through print or online media, such as website, social media platforms or blogs, etc. Difference between a great photo gallery and an average one can be Read more..