We’re about to meander a bit on the controversial side. You see, whenever you mention superhero movies, you immediately see the factions preparing for battle about what constitutes superhero movies. Sometimes the arguments are based off of the idea that source materials were completely ignored and that the hero in question was given the Hollywood Read more..

For those who enjoy good old fashioned storytelling, there's nothing better than turning on some of the programs on the new network Bio. It can be a relaxing experience to sit back and listen to someone telling you a story, an experience that most of us have not had since we were young children. However, Read more..

After "The Incredible Hulk" television series was titled in 1982, six years later three television movies, with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferringo reprising their original roles as Dr. David Banner and the Hulk respectively, were produced airing on NBC. The first movie "The Incredible Hulk Returns" was presented in 1988. This movie was the first Read more..

Remember when you were still in school, and no matter how crummy you thought the school year was, you knew that you could look forward to the greatest time of your life – summer vacation? The same still applies, in some ways, to movie lovers, as the summer usually brings with it a massive crop Read more..

1. No Experience In Wedding Photography Taking pictures of landscapes and children does not mean that someone is qualified to take wedding photos. There are key shots that a seasoned wedding photographer will be sure to get, but for an inexpensive relative, these shots can be easily missed. 2. No Editing I'm for capturing "real" Read more..

Hollywood loves to get into kung fu mode and crank out a high flying, action packed martial arts movie every so often, and while purists are wont to compare the Hollywood versions to the classics, new and old, of Hong Kong and the mainland, there's really no doubt that the visual artist is a sight Read more..