1) What is music theory? Music theory is the language of musical construction. Those who understand the language of music, those who can read and write music are called musicians. Just as people who share a common language communicate everyday, musicians communicate through a common musical language. The language musicians communicate in is not by Read more..

Confused when it comes to styles of Wedding Photography? You may have heard the terms Reportage, Photo Journalism, Traditional and Candid wedding photography styles, however you may be puzzled as to what the differences are between each style. When it comes to Wedding Photography it's always good to understand the differences so you know what Read more..

Are you ready to shoot your actor headshots? If you've already picked a headshot photographer and have your wardrobe, hair and makeup all figured out, here are five tips to help you get the most out of your headshot photo session. Shoot one universal headshot. When you have your actor headshots taken, choosing a few Read more..

One London theater attraction that never fails to draw huge crowds is the West End that is home to some long-running musical and other West End Shows. Tickets to this Theatreland can be quite in demand especially during peak seasons. Below are just some of the famous musicals that you can see at London's West Read more..

How to become an actress? That is an open question. And many people have different thoughts on the subject. One important element to keep in mind when pursuing an acting career is dealing with the pain of rejection. Overcoming the pain of rejection takes an inner strength and determination on your part. Both are valuable Read more..

What exactly the director and the actor needs to do is communicate what it is the character is doing through the story. To do this you start by defining their Objectives. Main objective or Through-line: Every character in a story wants something. This may revenge for the death of a loved one, companionship or to Read more..