Tuning a drum set's bass drum is so easy, even a drummer can do it. And all it takes is three simple steps. 1. Throw a small pillow in the drum when either of the heads is off the shell. You do not need a full queen-size pillow or anything. Just a pillow large enough Read more..

I spent many years working as an English teacher in Japan, and during that time I taught many hundreds of students. After a while, I began to notice that different students would often make the same types of mistakes, and I would hear the same error repeated in different classes. Therefore, I thought it might Read more..

Your Summer Theme Song: Benefit From Piano Instruction During the Summer School lets out and you're excited to have three whole months without homework, studying and waking up at the crack of dawn. But how will you spend your time? One option is to take piano lessons. If you have a passion for music and Read more..

Ukelele (spelled ukelele in the UK, abbreviated to uke; pronounced yoo-kuh-ley-lee [American English] or oo-koo-ley-ley [original Hawaiian]) is a small, guitar-like lute with four to ten strings . Developed in the 1880s, the ukulele is the Hawaiian interpretation of the Portuguese braginha. Hawaii's most famous musical instrument produces big tone and sweet sound. Ukuleles usually Read more..

In this article my desire is that you will get greater insight and have a fuller more fulfilling marriage experience. I am going to talk about five tips that will strengthen your Christian music ministry. These five tips are basic to understanding the worship experience. What I desire to achieve with this article is to Read more..

Hip hop music is characterized with DJing, rapping, beat boxing and sampling. The soul of the genre is the drum beat the hip hop drum machine plays a big role in its production. A drum beat machine can produce practically any percussive sound you need in your productions. Since it is an electronic musical instrument, Read more..